70:20:10 Rule


I’m sure by now you all know that social media should be a part of your marketing mix. If you don’t, we really need to talk! However, I find that many business owners don’t know how much is enough and what type of content you need to be posting.

Using the 70:20:10 rule helps you develop a posting structure you should follow consistently. By following this rule you will have your company appear reputable, whist engaging with your readers on a regular basis.

There are many Facebook Posting rules around but I find this one to be the most effective.

  • 70% of your posts should add value and assist you in building your brand.
  • 20% of your posts should be you sharing ideas and content from other sources.
  • 10% of your posts should be promotional with offers, discounts and sales.

This rule can be easily applied across many other marketing strategies and works wonders for content marketing too.

I know it is easy to stick to the tried and tested methods, for example, if you are using AdWords to drive sales, I get you don’t want to stop that. I wouldn’t suggest you do, but I would suggest you try different tactics. Like the old saying goes “never put all your eggs in one basket”.

Give this rule a go and let me know how it goes. Alternatively, if you’re not sure how to break up your content, I’m here to help.

I know many of you are now asking, how regularly should I be posting, updating and creating content by using the 70:20:10 rule. Well, that’s for another time, so stay tuned!

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