Are You Attracting A Grade Clients?

Yes, you know that perfect client. Who understands that you will deliver exactly what they need, you get them, they get you and they pay you your fee – no questions asked!

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen all the time. Why? There could be some misalignment with what you put out. I thought I would share a few tips that could help you keep getting those A grade clients flooding in.

Know Your Worth

I want you to think about what your time is worth. This is something you won’t ever get back.

Pricing your products or services too low will show you aren’t confident in what you are offering. Cheaper pricing is also a good way to attract the lower grade type of client.

Get a good grasp on your own worth then price your product or service accordingly.

Understand Who Your Clients Are

Having a good understanding and picturing your ideal A grade client is what will help you find them. Start by listing the types of things you want them to have, for example their age, income, where do they hang out, what frustrations may they currently be experiencing, what do they really want etc.

This is now your avatar!

Get Clear With Your Message

Creating the right message that speaks to your avatar is super important. When it’s clear, your A grade client is going to think you are in their head and speaking directly to them.

Social Proof

OK, so you have ticked all the boxes so far, they will want to check you out so be sure to have some proof on your website and social platforms. If others say you are good and you have samples of your work. They will have made up their mind to work with you before even picking up the phone.

Stay True To Your Word

No matter how many clients you have, how good your messages are, you need to deliver on your promise. Not only will that mean you deliver on your promise, it will mean they will then refer you to anyone else who needs your product or service. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool!

Attract those A grade clients with these simple steps, above all, be YOU.

If you need any further assistance in attracting your A Grade clients, please feel free to reach out.

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