Are your marketing efforts – mobile friendly?

Everywhere you look, people are hooked and engaging with their mobile phones. That to me screams OPPORTUNITY! More and more of your customers are glaring at their phone for hours on end which provides you an abundance of advertising opportunity. Surprisingly though, many companies are spending a very small percentage of their marketing budget on mobile advertising!

Digital marketing is a big space to play in and serving targeted display ads on mobile devices is currently a profitable opportunity many business owners are missing.

Combining mobile and location data adds even more to your marketing opportunities. Not only do your potential customers spend an increasing amount of time on their mobiles, there is another element to be considered here – location!

Mobile phones use a GPS that makes our mobile experience even more powerful and helpful. They can tell us what the weather is going to be like, where to find the best cupcakes and the nearest ATM. It’s this location service that makes the mobile phone an enormous part of our being.

Let’s take a look at this from a business perspective. You now can target at a local level utilising the GPS within the mobile.

Rarely, does a mobile user ever switch this off and in fact there have been studies to show that 83% consider the location services crucial to their mobile experience.

Despite much concern around privacy and not wanting “Big Brother” knowing what you are doing, 90% of people will still keep the GPS function switched on.

So, how can we put this location GPS data to work?

We can deliver targeted ads to your target audience in the palm of their hands. It can be specific to their interest and entice them to your location.

Consumers use their mobiles to do their research, however only 10% will make the purchase from their mobile (Bain).

Consumers are researching online yet buying offline, which increases the need for your advertising and adds to the touch points. Many move through the purchase cycle and the last touch point is not necessarily the only influence in their decision making process. A recent Google study showed a hardware store found that 93% of in-store purchases were generated by display ads.

Overlooking the impact of mobile advertising is common and many look solely on the last click attribution to any one ad. This is a trap that shows an incomplete purchasing cycle and an ineffective way of measuring the ads served along the way.

Your customers are checking their mobile phones over 80 times per day and spend more than 3 hours a day on it. Are you overlooking one of the most powerful marketing tools there is?

If you are looking to get your ads into the palms of your customers hands, reach out and ask how we can make your competitors green with envy.

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