Branding is a constant workout!

imagesSo we all know the concept that if you want to look and feel good, you usually need to be doing some form of exercise, right? Same goes for your brand.

Your brand is a vital part of your business success, so it’s important, actually essential to get it right. Just like technology gets updated, you brand may need one too.

Many get confused or just don’t know the difference between branding and a logo. Branding and logos too often gets mixed up as the same thing and they really are very different. Many think once you have created a logo and placed it on as many things as possible you have your branding complete. Not so.

Your logo is usually a design element with your business name, symbol and specific colours. It’s a quick way for people to recognise you and should portray your brands message and position.

A brand is the marketing piece that identifies and differentiates you, your product/service from your competitor. It encompasses the positioning, your message, voice, visual design, target market, promotions and the experience any individual has with your business, product/service on any given platform ie. online, offline or in person.

So how do you continuously exercise your brand? Well, I think we may need to take it a step back first. Understand and be clear on what you want your branding to be.

Here are a few simple steps you need to take so that your branding workouts are going to give you the results you want.

#1 – Client avatar

Create a client avatar so you know exactly who you need to appeal to. If you are appealing to them, your branding is going to tick all their boxes so they will remember you. Understand who the potential client is, what are their pains that you can help solve for them. Write it all down so you have it clear for all your staff to see and understand.

#2 Find your voice

Know what voice or personality to attach to your branding will allow you to put the right images, text, colour and messages on all your marketing material so you keep to your brand.

#3 Check out your competition

Watch the industry leaders, it will help you to do even better. It will also help you to establish a point of difference. No point offering the exact same thing as the industry leader right? Why would anyone switch from them to you? You need to come up with your own different offering so people will choose you over them.

Make them compare apples to oranges.

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