Do you want fries with that?

Envious Solutions

McDonald’s, love them or hate them I think they do a great job of their marketing. They have now taken it a step further, we now get the great experience too!

I try and limit the visits we take to McDonald’s but recently took the kids in for a treat. They wanted to “experience” the new make your own burger service. I must say, it was an experience and a good one.

We entered the “restaurant” and were faced with some new touch screen board, that the kids instantly knew how to use. A young friendly staff member approached us and asked if we needed assistance. The kids were already onto it so I politely declined.

Once all our orders were in and I had paid via this great new contraption, I assumed I needed to stand at the counter to collect our order. “You can take a seat and I’ll bring your order to you”, the staff member said. I thought, WOW, in fact I’m sure I said it out loud and asked, “Are you sure?”

It became a true, dining experience. Our drinks were bought out, followed by the burgers and fries. They even came and checked on us to see if everything was OK.

I must say, McDonald’s are always evolving in their marketing and now have taken things to a whole other level.

Keeping in touch with what your customers want is something they do well. It made me think about how other businesses market and change the way they service their clients. It’s not an easy thing to do and much research goes into it.

I love innovative thinking and try and bring that to my services too.

Is your marketing tendering to your clients needs? Are your clients speaking highly of you and the experience they have when they have used your products or services? It goes beyond great customer service, which is equally important.

If you are looking to think outside the box and make your competitors green with envy, that’s what we do. Give us a call on 1300 467 489 and we hope we can add some fries to your order.

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