Does Your Content Stick?

We all write on a daily basis, even if it’s an email, a blog, newsletters, social media and the list goes on.  Sometimes you’re just giving out some details but there are time when we are faced with writing something we hope will speak to the person reading it.  We hope we strike a cord so that there is some sort of response, connection and even resulting into a sale.  So, to make sure you do get those desired results I’ve put together some ideas you can think about to make your content stick.

The biggest thing you need to do is connect with your reader emotionally.  Get them hooked early so they want to keep reading ‘til the end.  How do I do that I hear you asking, well firstly you do need to be interesting.  So what is it that interests your readers?  Make sure you are writing about something your target audience is in the need for.  Then paint them a picture with your carefully chosen words.  Your chosen words need to create an emotion.  Let me demonstrate, if I use the words “develop”, “create”, “connect”, “technique” you probably won’t conjure much of an image in your mind.  But if I use words like “sunshine”, “garden”, “tsunami” you probably have created an image in your mind or have even connected with these words emotionally, whether it’s been a recent experience or it’s taken you back to your childhood.

So, even if you are in the business of selling a service like IT support, strategic planning or accounting you can still use your technical and generic words that aren’t easy to connect with but then mix in the emotional ones too.

Now that you are creating an emotional connection you need to tell a story and take your reader on a journey.  Everything you write should tell a story and a story always has some sort of drama, suspense or tension, wouldn’t you agree?  By telling a story you can connect with your reader and by sharing a little bit of your own experience you develop an emotional bond.  This now makes your reader feel like they know you. They start to develop a sense of trust and are willing to hear more from you.

By combining all these things you are building a relationship which is much more powerful than just telling them a piece of information or giving some technical advice.  People want to deal with people so by sharing your dreams, passion and experience you will develop a lasting relationship and hold a captive audience in the palm of your hands.

Now that I’ve given you the wings, go off and fly!

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