Email marketing is still effective

It’s been said that email marketing is no longer enough.  The introduction of social media has changed this forever and continues to do so regularly.  However, if you learn how to integrate both your email marketing with your social media and other channels, it remains one of the most cost effective tools any business can use.

I wanted to go through some simple step-by-step process to help you achieve an effective email marketing campaign.  So here it goes:-

Before you start any email campaign you need to develop a plan.  This is where you need to consider the who, what, when and why.

Who is your target audience, who is it that you will be sending this email to?  Some companies may need to split their list of customers and send different email campaigns to relate to the group they are sending it to.  Consider your theme, layout, pictures and even the font size.

What is it you want to say?  This is important, be sure to say things that are relevant and of interest to your customers and don’t make it too salesy.  Your email needs to be concise and to the point with a call to action.  Your customers’ time is precious and they don’t want to spend time reading a long winded email.

When to send your email?  Timing is everything.  Don’t send out your email when it suits you.  Think of when your customers are most likely to sit down and have a quick read.  Remember to integrate your emails with other marketing activities along with social media.

Why are you doing this?  You need to be clear here.  Are you informing, trying to grow your list or asking your customers to take action.

Design is another area that will help make your email campaign more successful.  It’s just as important as the content.  You may think what you have to say is important but many people are visual.  As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words.  So make sure your email is visually pleasing too.  Having said that you need to make sure that you integrate your companies branding.

When branding your email be sure to also use the companies voice.  By this I mean if your companies style is  informative,  funny, creative etc. be sure to take this through to your email content too.

Make sure you have a call to action within your email and make it as easy as possible by using links.

Integrate your email campaign with social media.  An email campaign on it’s own will not give you the results unless they are integrated with your other marketing channels, social media being a big part of that.

In your email make sure you include links to your website along with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

So next time you sit down and look at what marketing strategies you will be looking to adopt, don’t forget to add email marketing to the mix.

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