Essential Digital Marketing Tactics Every Franchise Should Adopt

We’ve heard it all before, we are addicted to our smartphones! Today, 69% of mobile usage accounts for digital media time. That is a lot of tweeting, surfing, texting and emailing. Each of us is essentially walking around with a mini computer in our hand and it’s changing the way we communicate with each other. It is also providing marketers with deeper insights into peoples interest and behavior.

Many industries are set to benefit from the usage of smartphones and franchise brands are quickly becoming the ones to benefit from these new marketing strategies. One of the biggest challenges for the franchise sector is scaling a national message to a localised level and driving in-store foot traffic. Enter our geo-fencing tactics!

Here are some of the ways franchises can leverage off this technology to reach new and existing customers.


When people are looking for things to do nearby, what do they do? They use their smartphones of course! Studies have shown that 60% of consumers will seek out local information via their mobile devices. Perfect for drawing a virtual fence around your business to target anyone in the designated area with location services. This works well for restaurants, clubs, cafes and franchises in prime locations.

Repeat Customers

We all know it’s easier to sell to current customers than to gain new ones. You now have the ability to target the most loyal prospects by advertising to them at any point in the last 30 days of their previous visit. Especially useful for special offers and loyalty offers to your repeat customers.


Advertise to those visiting a competing location. One of the most logical ways to target prospects is when they visit a similar product/service as they have already shown an interest in what you have on offer. A strategy we have found extremely useful to franchisees seeking to highlight other features and benefits they have that is superior to their competitors.


Popular hangouts, places of interest that have relevance to your product or service are ideal spots to virtually fence. For example, a hotel could target an airport or a sporting goods store could target the local sports grounds. Anything with a high concentration of potential customers becomes fair play.

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