FRANCHISE CASE STUDY: Geographical and Search Retargeting Strategy Drives 235% Lift In Foot Traffic

Recently we wrote about assisting the franchise sector, now we have a case study we wanted to share. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Client Challenge

Franchise locations are spread out across the country, which can complicate things a little when a franchisee wishes to advertise effectively to their local unique audience.

So in this case study, our sandwich shop needed a solution that would enable their marketing efforts to reach locals in a way that would benefit the individual store.

The Objective

The franchise brand was looking for advanced local mobile advertising technology, and something that would complement their current marketing efforts along with keyword searches.

They were looking for local marketing capabilities for each local store. They were also looking for ways to measure and optimise online-to-offline conversion and track the lift in foot traffic for each location.


By utilising our marketing platform we were able to target neighbourhoods and businesses that were located near each sandwich shop. We set up individual geo-fences to target those locations by delivering targeted ads aimed to entice potential customers to have lunch at the sandwich shop.

Nearby venues of each location were identified as competitors and were set up to be geo-fenced. A number of conversion zones were then set up around each sandwich shop so we could track the physical walk-ins and monitor where they came from. This provided the franchise additional insights into which competitor they were able to drive most customers from.

Additionally, retargeting for each sandwich shop location was set up to assist the geo-fencing efforts by targeting those searching for related keywords. The platforms ability to access each keyword search mid campaign allowed us to optimise the campaign by adding and removing keywords in real time.


With the ability to successfully localise ad buys and overthrow competitor restaurants along with local neighbourhoods and businesses, the campaign generated incredible results and exceeded set goals.

The franchise saw a 235% lift in foot traffic across all of their stores with a 0.21% click through rate (CTR), nearly doubling the industry average.

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