Getting in Good with Social Media


Moan, groan I hear you all wondering what’s the point! I’ve been on social media and nothing is happening. Don’t give up, just yet! Social media is evolving and using it as a marketing tool can be both cost effective and rewarding, IF you keep it interesting, engaging and ever so helpful to your followers. The greatest thing you want to happen is to have your followers share and comment on your posts.

So what is considered “good” content? We live in such an over-saturated online market, so the demands of what “good” content is can be a little tricky. Yes, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from spammy or unethical posts. You do, however need to create content that will grab the interest of the reader – quickly!

Some tips you may want to consider:-

Listen to your customers and make good note of what they are talking or asking about. Then create some content around that.

Transform your posts. Make your content fresh, I see too often people posting the same thing again and again. Nobody wants to read it 5 times!

Design your own posts that are shareable with infographics, videos and other media and brand it with your company logo and/or contact details.

Related vs Unrelated content, there is an unwritten rule, although most experts will tell you to use the 80/20 rule. Meaning you should be posting content that is unrelated to your business 80% of the time. Now don’t go too left field on me. These posts can be shared content that is somewhat related to the industry you are in, content that adds value is a big one. So, that leaves only 20% of content should be about you, by this I mean anything promotional or of a sales offering nature. Too many of those posts will soon see you standing in the world of social media – alone.

Block out an hour or two this afternoon and start planning your content.

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