Hidden Facebook Tools

No doubt – the digital space is crowded but the potential high returns are too hard to ignore.

There are many marketing tools in Facebook that I’m sure you already know.  Let me share with you some hidden gems you can use as your arsenal of marketing tools that can give your business an edge over your competitors.

These hidden gems are within Facebook’s apps, extensions, tactics and bots, that could make your Facebook ad spend 80 times more effective.

#1 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool

The concept is very simple, send messages to the potential customers using Facebook Messenger. Sounds too simple, right? Open rates via Facebook Messenger are 50-80%, click-through rate of 20%, the conversion rate is higher and the cost is less than Facebook desktop ads. Yet, for some unknown reason, not many marketers use this option.

#2 Chatbots

Using the Messenger Ad set-up, your prospect clicks on your ad that takes them into Facebook Messenger.  The difference – they are engaged in conversation by a chatbot who can identify their needs and send them offers they are more likely to be interested in.

#3 Messenger Scan Codes

Messenger Codes make it easy to start conversations with people that aren’t in your Messenger contacts yet.  It can be found by clicking the profile picture twice. If a user scans your code, they get added to your contact list.

#4 Messenger Drip Campaigns

Nurture those who opt into your Messenger with a drip campaign.  Using a chatbot will enable you to build an entire sequence of interactive conversations.  Engage with your users at a deeper level by asking the right questions so you get to understand what their needs are.

Messenger marketing, even when using a bot, can have a personal feel. Instead of telling your audience to do, buy, read, visit, watch. You’re asking for their feedback and opening up a conversation.

Like any digital marketing strategy, Messenger Marketing will become an overcrowded space and the great results won’t last forever.  Get in before the flood gates open.

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