Holiday Mode

pina_coladaI write this blog whilst I sit by the pool, sipping a Pina Colada, on a cruise liner. I did promise myself I wouldn’t work but like I mentioned before, ideas come at strange times and places.

I’m sitting here on my last day of our 8 day cruise reflecting on the great time we have had as a family. I also noticed some great marketing tactics and strategies the cruise liner has used – of course I notice these things!

They reel you in with some great deals – eat as much as you like, drink and be entertained. What more could you ask for? They don’t stop there! Many opportunities are taken by the liner. Photographers capturing the great time you have on the island stops, dinner and pool side fun, just to mention a few. How can you pass up on that great shot? I know I didn’t.

That’s just one of the many marketing strategies being utilised on this ship. I must say, these guys do it so well. Although it’s done in many ways and as a marketer, sometimes I don’t like being marketed to as I see it coming from a mile away and often in a pushy and salesy way. But, I must say, this has been done in a remarkable way.

The biggest thing these guys work off is – emotion. It’s a strategy used by many, quite regularly to be honest with you. My biggest question to you is, how often have you missed a great marketing opportunity in your business?

Sometimes we can’t see the trees from the forest and need a fresh pair of eyes. Envious Solutions can be those eyes for you.

Well, I best stop here and enjoy the last afternoon of my family holiday. If you need help seeing the bigger marketing opportunities for your business, please give me a call – next week!

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