How to create a converting Facebook Ad

Designing your Facebook ad so it converts isn’t just about choosing the right image, it also means you need to consider videos, different copy and call to actions.

As the algorithms change and more competition may come on board the Facebook advertising train, there are two main things that always remain the same.

  1. Awesome creatives – this includes your copy and design, video/images.  Why – because these are the first things that will demand attention and get someone to stop scrolling.

  2. Precise Targeting – Understanding who your ideal client is so you choose only to show ads to them.  Stop wasting money on those that don’t matter.

Let’s move onto some of the secrets you need to understand to get your ads converting.

Testing – I’ve said it before but let me get specific here and say it again.  Test your images. You will be amazed how much this can make a difference not only in engagement but cost too.  We have experienced the costs almost doubling between two images. Here’s the clincher – the content is EXACTLY the same, only the image is different yet one cost around $1.50 per conversion whilst the other was $3.15.

Faces – Caltech did a study in 2005 where they found we have a specific group of cells in our brains that only fire up when we see a face.  There is a known psychological effect called pareidolia that causes humans to look for faces in everyday objects. So, what I’m trying to say is use people and close up of faces in your Facebook ads!

Personas – you can sell the same thing to two different personas – you just need to change up the way you write your copy so you appeal to their needs.  For example, I have a Facebook Advertising Bootcamp which can be attended by two very different people, a) new business owner b) virtual assistants. 

The way I write copy for each of these personas will be different, one is trying to make it work for their own business whilst the other is looking to make it work for their clients.  Yet, the same Facebook Advertising Bootcamp will be great for each persona.

Social Proof – We all want to make sure before we go ahead and make an investment of any sort that someone else before us has tried it out for us.  Know they had success with the product/service to help put our own minds at ease and remove any risks.

Call To Action – Every ad needs a call to action.  When people see your ad, they need to be told what to do next.  Do they need to download your ebook, make a call, send you a message or visit your website?  Tell them.

Logical and Emotional – We purchase things with emotions yet the logical part of our brain will need to quantify if that purchase is really necessary.  Many times the logical brain kicks in once the purchase has already been made and at times can cause buyers remorse.

Buyers remorse is when we question if that purchase was really necessary and sometimes can result in people asking for refunds.

Don’t allow this to happen.  Ethically we want people to purchase our products/services and be happy throughout the entire process. 

Ultimately, when you write your ad copy you want to appeal to features and benefits so you hit the emotional and local aspects of your buyer.

Features will detail what makes the product/service unique while the benefits will cover off why those features are so beneficial.

Consistency – if you are using a landing page to drive your traffic to another destination to purchase from you, make the landing page relevant so that people feel like they are continuing on their journey with you.  If there is a disconnect – you lose.

Tell an Actual Story – Storytelling has been a powerful way of communicating for hundreds of years and incorporating short stories in your Facebook Ads will yield you some great results.

You can use single images and be setting a scene with the one picture and enhance the effects with your descriptions.  Carousel ads are another great option as they slide through the various images helping you build your story. Video’s, of course, is ultimately the effective way to story tell.

Go start creating Facebook Ads that will convert, if you get stuck, feel free to reach out or attend one of my workshops for more step by step clarification.

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