International Women’s Day – A piece of me


Happy International Women’s Day, in honor of this great day, I wanted to dedicate this blog to all the women from the past, present and future.

Women have come a mighty long way in the last few decades and I can only speak of this, as it’s all I have lived, seen and experienced.

I never really knew my Grandmothers, not because of any animosity, but because my parents migrated to Australia to give us a better life!  Leaving all their loved ones behind – pretty courageous in itself I think.

So most of what I know about my grandmothers comes from the stories I’ve heard from my parents.  For whatever reasons, I know more about my Mum’s mum.  Although she never had the same rights women do today she was a women of courage (lived through a war) and of business acumen.  She never once worked in a business setting, always in factories but viewed the world in a business kind of mindset.  It’s prevalent in the stories I’ve been told.

My Mum, love her to pieces and although she only ever worked in factories too, she also shows me signs of a business mindset.  Her investing thoughts and advice, and her show of support in what I do each day shines through more than ever.  Of course her motherly instincts kick in before anything else and is always quick to ask if I’m OK and able to handle the big workloads I put upon myself.

To my sister, daughter and the beautiful businesswomen that surround me daily, you all inspire me one way or another.  Mostly giving me the ability to believe in myself, this is the biggest gift I could have ever received.

To society, I know we still have a way to go to give women today true equality.  I’m a Woman, Mother, Wife, Sister and Daughter.  I don’t really care what society brings as I fight for me and what is important to ME.  Women struggle with so many things on a variety of levels, which society puts upon us, sometimes I believe we do it to ourselves.

I cannot finish this blog without acknowledging all the men in my life.  My husband is my rock and my Dad is my greatest cheerleader.  I also have many men that support me through business too.  Many have been teachers and advocates and for that I cannot thank you enough.

I hope you all take time out today to acknowledge the women in your life but mostly appreciate, support and love them daily.



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