It’s a dog’s world!


Unless you have been living under a rock you all know about Mitchell Pearce, the Roosters player and his dog story.

The news flooded the newspapers, radio and most social media platforms and there was no shortage of people sharing their thoughts.

Is it really newsworthy? It’s controversial, and that’s why it hit so many platforms! Mitchell no doubt had the club and his people working seriously on damage control.

No matter what your thoughts, it has given rugby league and Mitchell publicity. So, is it really bad? In this case I would say yes. Same applies for an array of other companies and personalities. Remember the movie Borat? Well that put Kazakhstan on the map! reported an increase of 300% on requests for more information on the country. So in that instance, it worked wonders.

We can’t always plan on what’s going to happen but having systems in place to deal with negative feedback to counter it and possibly turn it into a positive is a must. Here are some tips on how you can handle it online, because lets face it, there’s no holding back on social media!

  1. Don’t wait to become news – share what your company is doing via all your social media platforms and in the local news via local papers and publications. This will help create a positive sentiment around your brand.
  2. Turn your current clients into your raving fans and ambassadors.  Get interactive with your fan base and show that you care. It’s not always about you.
  3. When crisis hits – stop and take a moment. Respond to any criticism and ask the person how you can fix the problem. Taking this approach usually stops them in their tracks.

All in all, a simple honest approach usually keeps any scandal or complaint to a minimum.

Planning is key, ensure ALL your staff are aware of any issues on the rise and how they should respond.

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