It’s a guarantee!


Do you find that no matter what you may be looking to purchase, if there’s some sort of guarantee you feel more likely to part with your dollars?

So many people don’t buy if they perceive there are too many risks. Some of these can include:-

  • Losing money
  • Not getting what they paid for
  • Making the wrong decision
  • Not satisfied with the purchase
  • Unsure of quality

It’s a big hurdle most business owners face regardless if you sell a product or service. So one strategy you can put in place to eliminate the perceived risk is to offer some sort of guarantee. The lower the perceived risk, the higher your ability to make that business transaction.

So, to help you along I’ve scoured some sites and found what I believe to be the top 10 guarantees.

  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  2. Cancel anytime.
  3. Try the product without any risk.
  4. No questions asked money back guarantee.
  5. Use the product 30 days before you pay.
  6. See results in _____ days, or your money back.
  7. We’re not satisfied unless you are.
  8. Full year guarantee.
  9. Full refund, exchange or credit.
  10. Love it or return it.

Let’s face it, nothing can ever be risk free, but by stating and standing by your guarantee you will decrease the risk in your customers mind and increase their trust and willingness to purchase from you.

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