It’s in the secret sauce


For years McDonald’s have been holding the ingredients to their secret “Big Mac” sauce, KFC have the secret “Herbs and Spices” and now marketers have the secret to “Attracting an Online Audience”.

Yes, we do have a secret that I’m sure you are all dying to hear. It’s becoming increasing difficult to capture and retain your audiences on social networks without having to spend for reach. So as marketers, we have been rethinking social networks and driving traffic to websites and mobile apps.

Driving your audience to your website is great, if they wish to stay in touch with your brand. More often than not they will still go and visit, follow, share and comment on your social media sites (yes, you still need them).

So how do you keep your website as exciting as your social sites?

Content – I’ve said it before; content is the Mother of online marketing so get your blog on! Write about things that are relevant to your audience, offer solutions to their problems but most of all make if fresh.

Work in real time – People find social networks exciting and continue to visit them because it feeds their need for NOW. Give them the same experience on your website and take it across all your marketing.

Make them take action – Your audience wants to get involved and love the idea of having their say. Give them a platform to share their views, comment and share information. Small icons like you see at the bottom of my blog here (if you are coming straight into my website) that helps your audience easily share and comment will assist in the “take action” process.

There are a number of apps, plug ins, platforms and external applications that can integrate with your website to make it just as interactive as the social media platforms. Make sure you connect them all and create your own web to capture your audience.

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