Let’s ride the carousel

Imagine driving along the road when you spot a billboard advertising a restaurant. You glance up and see an image of the smiling staff welcoming you and enticing you in to try their food. Your glance back to the road because, of course, you’re a safe driver, but when you glance back up you notice the image has scrolled to reveal a delicious, juicy looking steak followed by one of a decadent hot fudge sundae. Hey, eyes on the road!

Billboards, of course, don’t do this but Facebook carousel ads do! Carousel ads offer a unique way of engaging with your target audience by allowing a number of different images to cycle through a single ad space. Not only do they present a fun and engaging alternative to static ads but some studies have shown an increase of up to 10x the amount of traffic to your website, app or page.

The carousel format allows you to add 3-5 images and scroll them. You may have seen them pop up in your newsfeed a few times. Carousel ads are a great way to tell a story or show multiple phases of a product when a single image just won’t do. Does your company build something? Showcase the stages of development. Weight loss program? Before and after photos are just what you want people to see. There are many possibilities but the most popular applications are:

  1. Showcasing product details- from innovative software or gadgets, you can show off the best features and most dazzling details.
  2. Put your best foot forward- So you have dozens of products and can’t pick just one? It’s easy, pick your BEST one. Highlight your most successful product or program and show it off to your target audience.
  3. Tell a Story! Branding is all about identity. What’s yours? Don’t get stuck on the limitations of the ad. Japanese artists have been crafting beautiful poems for centuries using 17 syllables. You get 5 pictures and 150 characters of headline, link, and body text. Advantage: you.

Smart businesses know they have to stay ahead of the curve and Carousel ads offer a more attention-grabbing way to put yourself in front of the eyes of the people you want to reach.

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