Marketing Speak


Just about every profession has their own terminology and marketing could well be up there with the most. Sometimes we can forget that people don’t live in our world and what seems normal ordinary language to us, means absolutely nothing to others.

So next time your marketer asks you to review the PDF and revise your USP to help improve the CX and approve the FPO. You will know exactly what they are on about. I thought I would put a small list together so you have some inside knowledge.

PDF – a Portable Document Format allowing you to capture elements of printed document as an electronic image so you can easily email, print and view.

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group is a file extension for compressed images, usually a photo.

TIFF – Tagged Image File Format is a file extension for rastor graphic images.

CX – how people react when they interact with your brand, either in person or online. It’s the customer experience.

USP – your Unique Selling Proposition, it’s what makes you different from your competitors.

FPO – When an image is used in your design and is only there for placement until final approval.

CTR – the clicks you receive on your web is measured as a click through rate.

CTA – Call To Action, a directive you give your audience.

CMS – a Content Management System tool to help systemise workflow procedures.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management, helping to automate and synchronise sales through your marketing funnels.

DM – Direct Marketing is a direct channel to advertise to your customer ie. text message.

ROI – Return On Investment is the measure used to compare the efficiency of an activity.

WOM – Word Of Mouth marketing when a customer spreads a great message about your business.

If you have another one you want to add to the list or need explained, pop it onto our FB page and we share the answer with everyone.

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