Micro-Moments ~ What they are, and How to WIN them!

Congratulations, mobile. You have forever changed the face of marketing. A bold statement? Perhaps, but it’s true! The way your customers consume information, browse products, and more importantly, make purchases, has been altered by the rise of mobile.

Traditional marketing focuses heavily on demographics. Which newspaper or magazine will best reach your target audience? Which radio time slot is best to get that age group you want to hit? Demographics ruled everything. They’re still important, however what mobile has done is shift the focus towards intent.

Intent is Key

It’s all well and good to put your ad in the right newspaper, but if your target customer isn’t reading the paper when the right mood strikes, you may find yourself missing out on an opportunity. This is where intent comes in.

If you’ve ever reached for your phone to look something up spontaneously, you’re familiar with what micro-moments are. They’re little points in time when something has caused you to take that action and investigate further. From your standpoint as a business, these are the moments you want to capitalise on.

Imagine a customer has been thinking of purchasing a new coffeemaker and it just so happens that your company makes and sells them. This person has been thinking it over in their head for some time now when finally, their old coffeemaker dies on them one morning.

“That’s it,” they think. “Time to do this!”

And this is the moment where mobile literally comes in handy, as the customer grabs their phone and decides now is the time to finally make a purchase. The example is a specific one, but undoubtedly you can think of many moments you’ve personally had like this.

How to Win The Moment

These moments are incredible opportunities for any business, and winning them is important. Your customer is at their most ready and the chances of conversion are extraordinarily high. So how can you win the moment?

Be In Front of Them

Your customer needs to be able to find you before they can convert. This is where your web strategy will pay off. Study trends, research keywords, and build your strategy around putting yourself in front of the customer when their “I want to purchase” moment strikes.

Fast is First

Customers are fickle, especially on mobile. They don’t want to wait for long load times on poorly optimised websites. Being fast and friendly on mobile is the main goal of winning these moments so ensure your website makes the grade.

Helpfulness is Rewarded

It isn’t enough to jump in front of your customer with a big banner ad that screams “buy my product.” In this moment, your customer is looking to solve a problem now, more than ever. Take our customer with the coffeemaker, for example.  Perhaps they’re looking for a different type than their old one, or perhaps something better that has more features.

Your website should have content and information for this customer to consume. How is your coffeemaker better? How does it stack up against their old one? Price comparisons, feature explanations, video demonstrations, the list goes on. Maybe your customer is worried that they won’t have fresh coffee tomorrow morning so you include links to where they can buy your coffeemaker in person at a store near them.

Go out and Win

Anticipating your customer’s intent will help position your brand in front of them when these micro-moments hit. Be helpful, be present, and be fast. That customer is ready to buy a coffeemaker right now, and you want to be the place they go to do it. Chances are they won’t be ready to buy another one anytime soon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity when it presents itself!

If you need assistance working out how to best get into your customers micro-moment, give us a call.

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