Modern Emails


Email marketing is nothing new. Without a doubt I’m sure many of you have given it a go and may continue to do so. {INSERT APPLAUSE}.

With the improvement of technology using email marketing today is invaluable. Having said that, it is, only if you are taking a good close look at the numbers behind the scenes. These statistics give you some insight into your customer base. Let’s face it, you want your readership to enjoy receiving your emails, not sit there wondering if they should unsubscribe.

If you do want to delve closer into what certain things mean, read on…..

Some of these categories you will understand, and others, not so much.

Unique Open – this is telling you the number of people that opened your email. The total number does not include the person who may have opened it 10 times! They just account for one.

Clicks – Your email should have some type of call to action that contains a hyper link and/or further links to perhaps blogs you have written. This is where you see who clicked on what link.

The bonus of viewing this is if you do have links to your blog or a particular landing page, it lets you view what people are actually interested in.

Unsubscribe – Not always nice to see but hey, at times people just need to move on. You do however want to aim to have this stay under 2%. If you get above that you may want to re-evaluation the way your emails look, sound and the topics you are covering.

Performance – Have a close look at your performance charts. This will show you when people actually opened your email. Timing is everything so it’s important to take note of this too.

I hope we have shed some light on the modern world of emailing.

Wishing you success!

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