Oh, so quiet

images-2Are you consistently putting out content but there seems to be an eerie silence? As far as you’re concerned your content was insightful with your audience in mind. Yet, nobody is liking it, sharing or commenting?

So what went wrong?

There is a hypothesis proposed by a man named Bryan Warnock and he offers 5 scenarios as to why your posts may not be getting the traction.

1. There’s nothing more to say

Don’t be so negative. You could have just written something so well, there is nothing anyone else could possibly add.

2. Not understood

You made no sense, nobody understood you post and for whatever reason, nobody wanted any clarification.

Make sure your content isn’t overloaded with industry jargon or buzz words. Most people online have short attention spans and would rather be reading if a dress is white and gold or blue and black.

3. What rubbish!

Perhaps what you wrote is utter nonsense. So much so that nobody wants to waste their time responding.

Focus on content that deserves a reaction – not rubbish.

4. No one got it

Nobody was online when you put your content out there so it got pushed down the newsfeed.

Keep track of the traffic from all your social media platforms. Schedule your content around the time your customers are online and fit into their schedule not your own.

5. Nobody cares

If your website has a company announcement page, you will probably find not many people visit it. On the other hand, take a look at where your online community is gathering. I’m sure it’s buzzing with comments.

To avoid all of the above pitfalls, you need well produced content that takes a strong stance and offers value to your target audience.

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