Opportunist or Pessimist?


Do you ever wonder why life can throw some people a bunch of lemons and they just know how to turn it into lemonade?  Then you have others that will just sit there with the lemons and wallow in how unfair life can be.  You also have those that sit somewhere in between.

OK, so this blog isn’t so much about marketing like I usually write.  Today I want to share with you something more personal.

Yesterday I was involved in a car accident.  A three car pile up and before I go on I’m happy to say nobody was seriously hurt.  My bonnet was pretty screwed but I thought I could still drive myself home. Wrong!  Looks like the radiator was broken so after getting a few kms down the road it started smoking so it was time to pull over.

Whilst waiting for the tow truck the realisation of what I had just experienced hit like a tonne of bricks.  The tears strolled down, whist I tried to remain somewhat composed.

A gentleman stopped to ask if I was OK.  I replied that I was fine, just shaken up.  Not too long after a second gentleman stopped and asked the same thing.  They were both kind enough to spend a few minutes asking what happened and if I needed anything.  Before they went off their own way one replied, “if you ever need a builder, give me a call”.  Then the other replied, “if you ever need stairs, give me a call”.  I thanked them, then yelled out, “If you ever need marketing help, give me a call!”.  They both turned around and grabbed a business card!

I don’t know if it will ever eventuate into a business deal but I took the horrible situation I was in and wanted to turn it into some sort of good.

I believe my daughter has some of these qualities as her response when I told her the car was towed away “Great Mum, you get a new car!”.  Not sure about that one.

Life is a roller coaster ride and there will always be some highs and lows.  I hope you all can turn the negatives into positives.

Now I’m off to make me some lemonade.

Take care of yourselves.


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