Pack a punch with your content

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I’ve said it time and time again, content marketing is THE strategy to use. You must, however, do it consistently and most importantly develop content that resonates with your target audience.

Many of you out there have taken this advise on board, congratulations to you. There are some common mistakes being made when creating and delivering your marketing messages, in blog form or across your marketing materials.

So to help you out even further, here are some tips on what to avoid when you start curating your next piece.

Offer a solution to a problem – too often people write about their business and forget to write to their target audience. Speak to them directly and offer a solution to a problem you know they are having.

Build trust – this is still a key component to what makes people actually purchase from you. Aim to develop a human approach to what you say and integrate real life situations.

Know them – it’s still important to understand who your target audience actually is. Knowing what their needs are makes the topic of conversation so much easier.

Call to action – your blog can include a subtle call to action whilst some other material may be a little more forward. Avoid the “hard sell” at all costs!

The simple approach – yes, you know it, the KISS principle – keep it simple. If your message is too clever, you risk it being completely lost. Simple, meaningful and to the point usually works.

If you are looking to develop content that does pack a punch (my subtle call to action), you know where to find us

Happy writing!

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