Parking Your Ego


I just read an article by Steve Baxter from Shark Tank about building your business on a global scale.

As a marketer I love watching Shark Tank. I think those brave soles who stand before the panel with their ideas are embracing every opportunity they can to make their dreams come alive.

Steve makes a good point that with the digital economy we now sit in makes keeping the global competitors at bay all the harder. He believes and I tend to agree with him, if you don’t want to grow your business globally, then others will do it before you.

The journey is a long one, no doubt about that and it isn’t something you do alone. Here’s just a little snippet of what he says:

“It means parking your ego outside so you can allow experienced specialists to guide you in key areas; Areas such as patents and trademarks, manufacturing offshore, entering key international markets, partnering and sales and marketing.”

I know I always say to many of the business owners I know that there is nothing wrong with outsourcing and getting assistance. Why spend all your time trying to understand marketing when an expert can not only get the work done in half the time but they also have the expertise and knowledge.

What is your time really worth? Are you better off doing something more effective with it? I dare say Yes!

So whether it is your ego or pride – it’s suggested you park it and get the help you need.

I’m an avid networker and if you need help in any area of your business, please feel free to drop me a line as I’m sure I can connect you with the professional that you require.

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