The Psychology Of A Brand Fanatic

Envious Solutions

We all want them, those great loyal raving fans that talk about how great your services or products are. The biggest question is, how do we get them?

What most business owners don’t realise is that every decision made by your customers is made up of a series of complex emotions. One of these emotions is that of belonging. This sense of belonging stems from your “why” statement.

For example, most of you will know that the FIFA World Cup takes place every four years. Fans from across the globe pack stadiums, pubs, clubs, outdoor venues and living rooms for the experience. Most of the World Cup fans, just like many other sports will wrap themselves in their team colours which gives them a sense of belonging and show of support for their team.

By definition these fanatics are about supporting their team or a brand. The brands have over time developed a strong “why” statement which motivates their fans to take action through emotion.

It may seem complex but in reality your “why” statement is relatively simple. It’s generally the reason you do what you do.

There is a concept called the “golden circle” which is a TED talk by Simon Sinek and he explains this thought process so well. It’s not about selling to the market but communicating from the outside in and digging deep to the heart of why you are in business. Most start with what they have on offer, how is may be helpful and then the why. It needs to be reversed.

The late Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO had a strong belief that if you aren’t providing value, educating or helping your customers get the most out of your product, then you are in a selling mode, and you shouldn’t be there.

So when people believe in your mission – your why, they will want to buy from you and hear from you and even share that story and experience.

All Envious Solutions sell is the truth. This truth then makes room for growth. What is your why? Would love to hear more about you, so drop us a line.

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