Push Notification vs Text Messages

I’ve been speaking about push notification with some clients lately and have realised many don’t understand the difference between a push notification and a text message.

The opt-in/opt-out dynamic favours push notification and many users have total control over which apps send them notification and can easily control the types of notifications they want to receive from each app. A text message often is unsolicited and uses a lower-quality messaging channel.

If done correctly, sending push notifications at the right time can increase your customer engagement significantly.

Here are some tips on how to use them without being annoying.

Let’s not push!

I’m sure you would rather be asked out on a date rather than be forced into one. The same applies with your message when you are using push notifications. Use a more subtle approach ie. We are giving away 10 free shakes! Click here for more details. Rather than CLICK HERE for a chance to win…..

Look at it from your customers perspective, what benefit do they get if they click for more details.

Hitting the bulls eye

Creating virtual boundaries around particular locations will trigger the push notification for a period of time. You can now send your message only to those who enter your “hot spot” during a specific day/time of the week.

This lowers the risk of annoying people and is more relevant to them. For example, if your potential customers just went to visit a travel show, they are more than likely looking to book a holiday in the coming months. Sending a push notification a few days later when they have had time to view all the brochures will be extremely relevant.

Understand your position

This is a powerful tool, so why not use it! Specifically targeting your potential customers at the right time, with relevant information yields a much higher open rate than one email alone, in fact research has shown 50% higher.

Go forward and use your new tool wisely and with respect to those you disrupt via the push notification.

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