Reach your prospect earlier in the buying cycle

Ever feel like you reach your audience that little too late? Perhaps your competitors got in just before you and if your offerings are identical, this can be a problem.

What if there was a prospecting tool that served your ad to your potential buyers based on their online behaviours using keyword searches, allowing you to enter their buying cycle at the exact moment they are looking to buy?

Virtual fencing is a system that is beneficial to many industries and so far we have seen it work effectively for the motor, hospitality and entertainment industries.

The benefits of the tool will provide you an advantage in more ways than one.

  • Your potential customer don’t have to visit your website for your ad to be served to them. They just visit a virtually fenced area ie. shopping centre, car shows.
  • No apps need to be developed to assist you in reaching your buyers.
  • No beacons are required.
  • Keyword searches will automatically marry up to the needs of your buyers and deliver your ad.
  • When your potential customers click on ads they are driven over to your website, eliminating the need to piggyback generic sites ie. hotelscombined, carsales so your money isn’t fuelling competitor funnels.

The online marketing space is extremely competitive so finding the edge is vital to reaching your prospects. Virtual fencing allows you to do this direct to a mobile device.

If you are looking to enter 2018 with a better strategic plan, then I would love to have a chat on how we can make this happen for you.

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