Set and Forget

imagesDid you start your 2015 with a list of goals you want to achieve in your business and personal life? Did you develop a strategy on how you are going to achieve that? Are they realistic, achievable and measurable? Or are you setting yourself up for failure?

I just spent last night at my daughters dancing lesson. The mums sit outside and chat whilst the kids dance away. I was chatting to one mum and she started talking about her son who just started Year 3 at school and she started telling me how he has started setting himself some goals. I thought, wow, that’s impressive, setting goals at such a young age.

She went on to say that he wanted to be reading books at a Year 4/5 level by the end of the year. She thought he was capable as he loves reading and is doing so well at it already.

He also wants to be at a certain math level by term 3 as his favourite teacher will be teaching that class when she returns from maternity leave. He could very well achieve that too.

He also set himself a goal to be in a particular swimming class by last week, which his mother was sure he wouldn’t achieve. As mother’s we always encourage our kids and so not to burst his bubble she went along with it but just said a few things to prepare him for the deflation we all feel when we don’t meet our goals. Guess what? He did it!

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and place some strategies in place to get you there. What is this little boy doing? Reading more, practicing his math – daily and swam like a fish.

Now, taking this back to your business, don’t forget the goals you have set yourself for 2015, especially the marketing ones. Without marketing, nobody knows you who you are.

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