Simple Ways to Create Content that Converts

Ever sit in front of your computer and wonder – how the heck do I start?  You read a heap of content – whether they are blogs, ads or ebooks……. They all seem to be written in such a way that gets YOU!

Ok, so not all the copy you read it fantastic, some of it can be rather boring, feels “recycled” and nothing you haven’t heard before.  BUT then the odd one seems to rock your world……. Or is that just me?? I digress, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. You CAN write up some copy – even if you are not that creative that will smack your reader into taking action!

So this is something you probably have heard before – storytelling. We all loved a good story as kids and we still do as adults.

A good story will bring people together, it can heal and it can make the reader feel like they are a part of something.  As humans, we all want to belong.

Are you ready to ignite inspiration? Strap on your boots and let’s get going!

You are a storyteller, you just need to shift the way you look at it……

Sharing your story in a persuasive, compelling and memorable way will get you heard over everyone else in your niche.

When someone experiences that “What! You too?” moment, you become relatable and when you do this with business storytelling, your audience gets to know you. By telling you stories, you are taking people on a journey and they get a chance to walk in your shoes.

Remember to use descriptive language that engages all the senses.

For example:-
Sight: She dazzled us with her confidence.

Sound: He slammed down the book with a smack.

Taste: Her feedback left me bitter.

Smell: She followed all the rules yet just there was something fishy about her.

Touch: Their branding was so sticky we can still remember it years on.

Use all the senses and your story comes alive!

Remember – all stories have drama, tension or a turning point – so include it in yours.

Now I need you to incorporate all of that into short, sharp copy for your digital marketing……….

If that seems a little too overwhelming, I’ve created a mini-course that can help you through that process and you can get access here.

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