Smarter ways to attract more leads if you’re in Real Estate

Let’s face it, if you’re a real estate agents, things have become a little tougher of late.  We see too many in the industry still using old school tactics and it’s time to step up or be left behind.

It’s no secret that Facebook is not only for social interactions but also where people go to learn more about various topics and use it as their research tool.

You can attract more leads, increase awareness and increase you sales via Facebook, no matter what your industry.

Let me share some ways to do that.

Use 360 Video

Most real estate agents will use a single image of a property which will motivate someone to click but people want the whole home experience.

If you consider that 99% of people looking to buy a home will start with an internet search, their options a plenty.  So what will you provide online that will make them call you?

A video is a visual change to what they predominately are seeing now.  So get ahead of the pack and start using your 360 video so people can start to explore the property virtually.

You need to consider that 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound so be sure to include captions.

Use Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live allows you to get personal with your buyers.  Have real-time conversations whilst you show them the property.

So you don’t start a live and talk to nobody, make sure you promote upcoming Live Videos to your page and anyone on your database.

You can also share a replay to your email list in case they miss it.

Get creative with the way you approach the Facebook Live.


  • Sneak peak of upcoming open home
  • A walk around the neighbourhood
  • Interview recent clients
  • Staging tips

Add a call to action to your video to help boost your leads.

Carousel Ads

Consider creating a carousel ad for the property.  Most people use this for products, more along the lines of fashion etc.  It can be just as effective for a property.

People stay engaged as the images swipe across their screen and you can link the campaign to various landing pages.  This allows you to show them more than just the one property.

Start experimenting and please share your various techniques with me, would love to see your work.

Remember, if you are in any other industry, these techniques can be adopted and tweaked to suit your service, product or offering.

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