Surprise and Delight

Gary Vaynerchuck recently wrote about how we should look at ways to surprise and delight your local community.

His idea was to reach out to local florists looking to grow their business.  Once he narrowed it down to eight local florists, he put out a community message. He was asking locals to fill out a random form – telling them he will make their day. Capping it at 50.

248 responded – and 248 bunches of flowers from the local florist involved were sent directly to each person with a personal note – “Surprise and hope you have a delightful day. From Gary Vee and (Name of florist)”.

What a wonderful way to make someone’s day and help local businesses get their name out there.

Many of us may not have the following of Gary Vee nor the funds to do such a wonderful thing at this scale but I’m sure there are ways you can still surprise and delight your local business community by collaborating and pulling off a similar strategy.  

The results of this marketing strategy meant that each person who received the flowers actually wrote a long article or note about the experience and shared it on their socials.  Yep, you guessed it, it gave Gary Vee more exposure (like he needs it) but it helped the florist – immensely and I’m sure that was his intent.

In this digital age, the personal aspects are slowly being stripped away and more and more people are living through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

These platforms, although very useful for business and keeping connected with family far abroad has also made it extremely easy for people to “scream” out when something is wrong and at the same time scream when something is so great.

So I dare you to go above and beyond and think of a way you can surprise and delight your customers so that you leave a lasting impression. 

One of the best marketing strategies today is to show that you care 😉

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