The Benefits of Blogging

Envious Blogging

Blogging can be described as the newly found craze among many business owners and rightly so, the benefits outweigh the time and energy it takes to put them together, regularly. It is a great online marketing tool that will help grow your business.

In many ways blogging is a means to giving information to readers about a particular idea, product, or service.

The benefits:-

Connect and Lead – Blog posts help you connect with your customers and over time can build trust so you are seen as an expert in your field. It also allows you to show a personal side of the business that can’t ordinarily be seen via other marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimisation – By posting fresh and meaningful content regularly, it helps search engines to easily crawl your website and they love fresh content. This can be pivotal in staying ahead of the competition.

Free Marketing – Every time you blog you are creating the opportunity for others to comment, share, tweet or email to others, your content. It’s free marketing and adds to your credibility clout.

Studies have shown that 81% of companies say that blogging is a critical aspect of their business survival. *Source: Hubspot

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