The untapped opportunities for those in the franchise industry

The franchise industry has been in the limelight recently with many internal issues with what seems to be a lack of support. Speaking to some franchise owners we know, we understand it’s not all doom and gloom and believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is an untapped marketing opportunity for those in the franchise industry with our localised programmatic system. It is a strategy that has been effective in the industry overseas and is starting to hit the Australian shores.

We understand that the franchisor and franchisee have different needs but ultimately, the goal is to generate revenue and growth for the business.

In order to remain competitive in this market space, franchisors together with their franchisees need to employ a localised programmatic strategy that will reach across digital tactics and channels.

Achieving Success!

Leverage the power of the mobile

As marketers, we know consumers are using mobiles more and more each day for various things, research, play and shopping. On average people are spending over 4 hours a day on mobile devices (eMarketer). It’s crazy to dismiss this new technology now available to add to your marketing mix.

Location-based data helps us go beyond just serving ads, it now allows us to serve ads based on locations and with the ability to provide measurable solutions.


Our system can provide you, transparent data, reporting and pricing so you can see how your dollar is being spent. It allows for dynamic audience creation with granular data so you know the performance of each keyword, domain, exchange, and physical location to your desired venue.

Target with precision

Franchise owners look to purchase digital marketing on national levels. Our system allows you to reach specific customers at specific locations within specific times.

This drives a direct impact on sales across markets. Many advertisers are looking for solutions that can provide a combination of highly accurate targeting techniques with localised campaigns.

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