Tips to High Converting Facebook Ads

Most people think they can create an ad on Facebook and it should start converting for them almost instantly.  What most people don’t appreciate is that when it is done right, there is a great deal of testing before that winning ad gets you the conversions.

I wanted to share this with you so that you know that you just need to keep going…… don’t give up!  It’s a tricky area to play in but if you get that formula right, the return is great.

Start with great copy, yes it is crucial to the success of your ad.  Your visuals need to capture attention but they are irrelevant if your copy doesn’t do a great job of persuading users to take action.

Use your features and benefits to assist in the process.  It really is 101 selling, but easily forgotten in today’s fancy ways of marketing.  Keep it simple I say.

When people understand the features and see how it is unique, it’s the hook that gets them reading more.  Your benefits should help identify how the product or service will help your prospect.

When writing your copy, also consider how it will be viewed on a mobile.  Facebook only gives you around 3 lines when viewing ads on a mobile, then you see the – “continue reading button”.  So make them count.

Headlines should be short and sweet and centred around the pain points you are solving.  If you are looking for inspiration on how to come up with some headlines and creative copy, head over to Simple Ways to Create Content that Converts for ideas.

Stories are super powerful so make your copy memorable and relatable.  When someone can relate, it usually pulls at some emotional heartstrings and will draw them in to read more and take action. 

Test, Test, Test, split testing your ads will mean you don’t waste money and you will quickly see what is working and what isn’t.

Create multiple ad copies for each campaign and change the copy to appeal to various pain points, change up the features and benefits and play around with long copy and short copy.  Consider changing up the call to action button and you must test out a variety of images.

Get out of your comfort zone and do some out of the box thinking.  Use emojis in your copy – don’t go overboard as Facebook doesn’t like too many.  Try different strategies, even if they are a little too left-field and consider getting controversial – it usually gets a great response.

If you want to be the best in 2020 start fleshing out a plan you can implement in the new year.  If you need help with it, you know how to reach me 😉

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