What’s Your Vibe and Who’s Your Tribe

What’s Your Vibe and Who’s Your Tribe?

There is so much mystery around the art of marketing. Why does that work for them and not me?

It’s the psychology of what is going on in you and possibly with your potential customers.

Stay with me…….. In today’s busy world, we are making decisions in a micro-second . It makes the work of a marketer and any business owner extremely difficult as we need to be in the right place at the exact right moment.

Psychology tells us that as humans, we have been conditioned at an early age on how to behave, what to do, when to do it. Thought you were the master of yourself? Maybe, I don’t know.

Did your parent always buy the exact same toothpaste? Same brand, never dared to purchase the competitors brand. When you grew up, did you continue to use the same toothpaste? More than likely, yes.

Build Your Own Tribe

Let’s delve into the benefits of tribal marketing.

It’s about selling the experience and being a part of a “select group”. It most never is about the price, features or value.   It is the sense of belonging and the identity of the group.

This my friends is the key as it relies heavily on the basic human psychology. The main focus is on the leader of the group, the lifestyle of those within the group and the belief that those outside of it will never get it.

So think about marketing to your tribe and sell the choices and lifestyles you can provide.

6 Key Elements For Creating Effective Tribes

  1. Leader
  2. Big Vision
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Secret Knowledge
  5. Passion and Belief
  6. Competitors

Happy gathering!

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