Why Ads on Instagram Work

Instagram monthly active users have skyrocketed in recent years, so I’m guessing your target audience are on there too.

Yes – the younger audience has been the first to jump in here, ranging from 18-29 who are willing to shop online – just saying 😉  So if you have an ecom business, then it’s the perfect demographic to tap into. Don’t be mistaken though, its effective for many other businesses verticals too.

In case that’s not enough to sway you, here are some other great reasons to start advertising on Instagram.

1. Simple to use

Thanks to Instagram’s super easy to set up “promoted posts” ad format, there’s a very low barrier to entry for running ad campaigns on Instagram.

2. Access to Facebook’s advanced targeting tools

Instagram uses Facebook’s advertising platform, so you get access to all the bells and whistles with targeting options.  You can reach people based on their engagement with your Facebook page, website and break it down further by other demographic data.

3. Audience engagement is high 

Even though with the recent changes to Instagram users are still more engaged than the average social media user. 

4. Instagram ads look and feel like organic content

The ads are more subtle on Instagram so users are more likely to pay more attention to your ad. 

With over 2 million monthly advertisers, more businesses can see how effective Instagram advertising is.

How to Find the Right Campaign Objectives for Your Instagram Ads 

When advertising on Instagram, carefully consider the objective of your campaign.  There are 11 to choose from!

  1. Brand awareness: when you want to reach people that are more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness for your brand
  2. Reach: get the most eyeballs as possible on your ad 
  3. Traffic: clicks to your website or to the app store for your app
  4. Engagement: this includes comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims
  5. App installs: send people to the store where they can download your business’ app
  6. Video views: promote your videos, show behind-the-scenes, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness
  7. Lead generation: create ads that collect info from people interested in your product, such as downloads to an ebook
  8. Messages: connect and communicate with potential or existing customers to build trust
  9. Conversions: asking people to make a purchase
  10. Catalog sales: show products from your eCommerce store to generate sales
  11. Stores traffic: promote your brick-and-mortar business locations to people that are close by

Now that you know what all the objectives you can choose from, you can see how important it is to set that intention before you start your ad.

If you need any assistance understanding these objectives further reach out to us via email or you can learn how to put these ads into action here.

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