Why did Facebook Ban my Page?

You have started running a variety of Facebook ad campaigns and then all of a sudden you get that dreaded notification. Facebook has banned your ad account!

Argh, shock horror, dread, what on earth do you do now?

It’s becoming a regular occurrence – even with some professionals. You are sure you have played by all the Facebook rules but yet, without any warning – it’s all gone.

So when Facebook decides your fate of no longer allowing you to sell on Facebook what do you do?

Mostly, there are two main reasons as to why you have been banned.

Firstly, the platform disapproved an ad or simply decided to disabled your ad account.

Disapproved Ads usually gets our tails in a spin and you start to wonder – did you completely miss the mark with your ad copy? You’re pretty sure the image you used wasn’t offensive. Did someone report the ad?

Before you spiral to the bottom of that pit, believe it or not – a disapproved ad is not the end of your Facebook advertising.

Facebook will notify you and usually give you a vague idea on what you have done wrong. It’s usually not that helpful but here are some things you need to look at.

Content – Using the word “you” or “your” excessively in your ad will get it disapproved. Facebook doesn’t like it when you “accuse” the reader of having a problem so you need to tweak that content. They also don’t like it if you imply a persons’ gender, race, financial status, health, disability or sexuality.

Headlines – If it smells like clickbait or fake news that seems spammy – it’s a big NO in Facebook’s view. You need to be seen to be adding value.

Landing Pages – If your content in the ad does not match what is one your landing page, that’s enough to send a red flag.

Capitals – Punctuation and writing in CAPITALS can at times come across aggressive, so give that a miss.

Get Rich Scheme – If the copy is suggesting the reader that you are offering ways to more money or any element of offering people a get rich scheme, you can bet your bottom dollar Facebook will disapprove that.

Banned Accounts

This is more serious and usually means you have had several ads rejected or there have been many people asking to hide your posts.

Once your account is banned you will need to set up a new ad account which in many cases has a roll-on effect with your landing pages.

If you are using Business Manager and manage multiple ad accounts, make sure each of these are not having repeated ad bans too. Even though they are not yours, it’s in the pool of your management and will affect all future ads.

Your last resort is to approach a Support Technician via email or through Live Chat. Be persistent and polite, it can take some time to get through the issue but it could get your ad account back up and running.

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