Why Email Marketing is Still Effective

In an age where talking to your refrigerator to tell it to order eggs from the store doesn’t seem all that far-fetched, many are quick to assume that email marketing has gone the way of the Dodo. While it’s true that the evolution of technology has presented a multitude of alternatives, don’t count email marketing out just yet.

Email marketing remains one of the highest converting channels, and increased technology, including marketing automation, has only strengthened its position. However, that isn’t the only thing to love about email marketing.

Mobile Customers are Easy to Reach

You may think that with everyone attached to their mobiles, email would take a backseat to SMS marketing. However, with smartphones making your email more accessible than ever, more of your customers are reading emails on mobile devices, including tablets, than on laptops or home computers.

Customers are Still Responding Positively

Sure, we all get spam email from time to time and it can be annoying. However, customers still want to connect with brands via email in a big way.

  • 65% of consumers say they use email coupons when shopping
  • 26% of consumers say they’ve subscribed to a brand or store email list to stay connected

In addition, the number of mobile coupons offered is expected to double within the next five years, and email marketing is at the center of their delivery. It’s no wonder why more businesses are planning on expanding their email marketing in 2017 than in past years.


Email marketing is far more cost effective, especially for small and medium-sized businesses without big marketing budgets. Even when considering the additional cost of automation programs or outside professional services, email marketing still has an ROI higher than most other marketing channels.

Easy to Stay In Touch With Existing Customers

Direct connections, such as emails, are an effective way to maintain contact with your existing customers. Building an email list takes time, but once you’ve established a solid contact sheet, you now have an instant connection to your audience whenever you need to communicate.

Email Marketing: Still Going Strong

This year is set to be full of marketing innovations. However, there are no signs that email marketing is losing its touch. It remains one of the most powerful tools in your marketing mix.

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