Get more people buying into your online course

Before diving into any sales process, especially when using the Facebook platform, you need to consider several criteria, so that you don’t throw your money away!

  1. Know your target audience – well
  2. You have sold some form of training before
  3. You have testimonials from previous students

Having said that, it’s important to also understand the buyer’s journey and sales funnel so that you can adapt the correct language and psychological needs throughout this process.

As you may know, a buyer goes through a process in order to make a purchasing decision. In most cases, the buyer starts by becoming aware of a problem they would like to solve, followed by searching for a solution, resulting in a purchase.

When creating your ad campaign, know that your prospect has a cycle of:-

Awareness  >  Consideration  >  Decision

The sales funnel is not very different from the buyer’s journey. At the top of the funnel, you have to create awareness by addressing the problem that your prospects are facing. Once this is done, move them through a sales funnel. Which ordinarily looks like this:-

Traffic  >  Leads  >  Sales

The main elements you need to consider to help you convert your prospects into actual sign-ups are……

  1. Create Compelling Content

Create stories and provide free pieces of content that will add value to your prospects.  Remember, not everyone likes to consume content in the same way so mix up how you deliver this.  If you do struggle in this area, and many people do, consider outsourcing to creative writers.  It’s well worth the investment.

  1. Create Facebook Funnel Ads

Consider having automated sales funnels so that you can manage to sell your online course more effectively. Create, top of the funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel campaigns so you can address each issue of the buyer’s cycle.  This will allow you to retarget prospects and continue to educate and provide social proof.  This technique will move people down your sales funnel and allow you to motivate them to complete the checkout process. Remember to utilise previous customer testimonials, free trials, enrollment plans and so on.

  1. Build Your Audience

Create online awareness with educational content and encourage people to download cheat sheets, join webinars etc. in exchange for their email.

Building your database is key and will allow you to nurture your prospects, establish credibility and build trust through this process, effectively leading the prospect into your online course. Make sure you don’t stop there, always keep them in the loop with fresh content and other relevant courses.

If you are just entering this new area and need some extra assistance, please reach out.

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