Why Old Styles of Marketing Just Won’t Cut the Mustard

With the growing trends in digital marketing, so many businesses are advertising online – and why not when most of the population just can’t seem to put their phones down. However, it does mean you are now in competition with millions of other businesses vying for online users’ attention.

Traditionally, you just had to create a Facebook business account, invite friends to like the page, they would share stuff and it eventually hit their friends and you would get referrals and or sales. It was like Mr Zuckerberg was shouting drinks at the bar…….. not so anymore……. Not even close!

You need to become more creative with your online marketing for your business to cut through the clutter.  Here are a few tips on how to better your online marketing traction.

Use the Omni-channel approach

The internet has lots of marketing tools. So you need to consider integrating things like Pay Per Click, SEO, growth hacking, banner ads, content marketing, and social media marketing. This will give your business a wider online presence and prospective customers can find you with a little more ease.

Customise your site for voice search

Nowadays, the majority of online users are using voice search to look for answers on search engines. This means your site may not be found if it doesn’t support the voice tool.

According to studies, two in every five people use voice search. So can you imagine what the not so distance future holds? Make sure your site is HTTPS and loads very fast to leverage voice search. Also, provide shorter and clearer answers to questions. This way, your business will be in a better position to be seen by possible buyers.

Make use of conversion optimisation

Just about every business celebrates when they see a spike of traffic to their site. However, how useful is the traffic? If your site only has viewers who take no action, then the traffic is absolutely useless.  Conversion optimisation will enable your traffic to turn into buyers, subscribers, and sign-ups. There are many tools available to help you increase the conversion rates on your site, generating into more sales and signups.

Don’t use old content

Ever heard content is king? Well, I was a big advocate for this too but it will no longer serve you as it did. Why, because everyone is just regurgitating content they see on the web.  Start creating content with a fresh view that can serve your readers well. This is the only way you will get customers from content marketing.

Use marketing funnels

Funnels are the step by step journey you take your customers on. From the point of discovering your business to the buying point. Use content and imagery that will entice and prompt potential customers to click on your site. Facebook stories will keep your business at the top of the news-feed where users can easily see and click on it. Once they move into your site, use conversion optimisation to enable sign-ups. Consider offering something in exchange for their contact details.

Lead generation married up with a nurturing sequence where you take your prospects on a journey of discovery – about you, your business, your offering whilst making it all about them.


People are interacting with videos more than copy on Facebook, so start sharing content this way.  It shows you as the face of the business (if that is who you are) and it allows people to get a look into what you do and how.  Be authentic, people can smell fakeness from a mile away – there really is no hiding.

The competition is fierce – I’m not going to lie to you but when you can find your space in the marketplace, implement these strategies then you will succeed.

The online world is changing at a fast pace.  These strategies may not be relevant in 12 months-time.  I don’t know but I hope to keep you posted either way!

Go be awesome!

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