Why you should STOP boosting your Facebook posts!

It’s no secret that your organic reach on Facebook is steadily declining and many business owners are tempted to boost their posts – but is it really worth your marketing dollars?

There are pros and cons into boosting your Facebook posts but let me cover off some of the more frequently asked questions I get in my workshops.

What is the difference between a boost and an ad?

In short – when you boost a post, all your audience options are not available and you risk your organic reach.

What does that mean exactly?  Let me explain…….

When you boost a post, it is obviously sitting on your own business page and over time you over-saturate your fan base.

In January 2015, Facebook did create a rule about promotional posts.  Of course, ads are promotional in nature but if Facebook sees you consistently putting promotional content on your page, you risk the organic reach plummeting.

Facebook is always releasing new features and they only become available in Ads Manager first, so when you boost you cannot optimise for certain action ie. Conversations.  So essentially you are not allowing Facebook to put your message in front of the user who is more likely to take action.

You don’t have control over your bid when you boost, so Facebook does not know how much you are willing to spend on each action.

Here are some Action Steps you can take to help get more eyeballs on your products or services.

  1. Your most important asset is your email list. It’s important to use Facebook to build that up as you now have a list of people who you know have an interest in your product or service.
  1. Consider creating an ad that will drive immediate action to help increase your sales. If you need help setting up Facebook and Instagram ads – check out our workshops.
  1. Improve your organic reach by creating meaningful interactions – Facebook likes to see comments and shares and rewards it with more organic reach.

As a business owner, you need to be careful where you spend your advertising dollars so be sure that you drive paying customers to your website or if you provide a service, it leads to a phone call/meeting.

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