Writing is an art form

Writing is an art formI love to write and I hope that my blogs will keep you entertained, informed and help you to get to know me better.

Much content is flying around at the moment suggesting that 2015 is the year to get blogging! So, I would love to know how many of you out there do have a blog that you regularly contribute to. When I say regularly I mean at least once a week!

It’s not an easy task to get flowing on a regular basis so I thought I would share some tips to help you along.

  1. What is your goal?

Many start writing and it quickly turns to blabber that nobody wants to read. Identify if you want the reader to become a lead? Do you want to establish rapport? Or do you want to be seen as an expert in your field?

  1. Write with an action in mind?

Everything you write needs to have a call to action and it should be obvious. This is transferred to online advertising and print copy like flyers. Always, always have a clear call to action. Do they need to call you? Download an e-book? Go to your website?

  1. Keep it Simple

You’re not writing an essay, so don’t write in an academic way. Most readers are looking for short, sharp and concise information, especially online.

  1. Write in chunks

Dedicate small amounts of time to write. I usually have things pop into my mind at random times so make sure you have somewhere you can jot down that idea. That way when you sit down to write, you have something to go off and don’t stare at a blank page.

  1. Use Keywords

Keywords help your content rank well in the eyes of search engines, so be mindful of that but don’t over do it.

If after some time you feel you are time poor or what you write just doesn’t have the appeal you were hoping for, contact me. I love to write and blogging is one of our services.

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