You had me at hello!

Girl with cocktail

Ever wondered why some people have great success with their email marketing campaigns and you don’t?

Cast your mind back to the last time you were at a bar/club and wanted to catch the eye of the good looking lady/guy across the room. Did you shimmy on over there and come up with some clever pick up line? Or did you try small talk?

Let’s take it back to a business scenario. When you meet people for the first time at a networking event, how do you break the ice? Do you get to know the other person before you start speaking about yourself and your business?

Email marketing can be a little like these scenarios, but virtually! So making the ability to connect even more difficult. It’s all in your subject line.

If your subject line isn’t exciting or enticing, it won’t get opened.

Here are some tips to getting your emails opened:-

Get Creative, boring titles won’t grab their attention and won’t entice them to read your content.

It’s all in the timing! Think about the time of day you send out your emails. If your target market are busy managers who spend most of their day in meetings then sending your email in the middle of the day won’t work. Try early morning or late evening.

NO CAPITAL LETTERS, you aren’t yelling at the person. It’s not great business etiquette anyway.

Short Titles, anything too long won’t work well if opened on a phone.

Avoid using the words:- free, help, discount and reminder. Studies have shown their open rates are low.

So go get ‘em tiger!  If you need any assistance, you know my number.

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