Your brand is like a person

Give it personality and teach it to be social, a lot easier said then done, I know.  A good brand appears everywhere, a little like the popular kid at school.  Everyone wants to be his or her friend and hang out.  That’s how you want people to feel when they see your branding.  It all becomes rather emotional and personal.  I know people who have used the same brand of toothpaste since their childhood.  They would never dream of switching brands as it’s what they grew up with, simply no other reason.  It’s the emotional connection.

A brand can appear on many platforms, TV, newspapers, billboards, on-line and the more people see it the more they want to start being friends with it.

Develop a personality for your brand and make it something people can easily associate with.  Give it a voice with a consistent language, by this I mean be funny, informative or conversational, whatever fits in with your company.  When you choose this voice be sure to keep it throughout all your marketing material.  Be consistent in your messages and use the same voice in all your packaging, proposals, sponsorships, advertising and all your social media.  Keeping it all the same across the board will help people to associate it with you.  They will come to know your brand and later will expect to see the same voice across the board.

Once you have the emotional connection with a customer they will share that with their friends and recommend your product or service to others.  We all know from our own personal experience that we love to buy from people we know and trust.  We seek advice from our friends on some things and will go by their recommendation before choosing a product or service we may have seen elsewhere.  So this is where word-of-mouth is born and that is the pinnacle part of marketing to your customers.  So nurture these wonderful customers as they are your best source of advertising and become your advocates.

Be mindful that people use social media to gather information about products and services as well.  Information = Power.  So make sure you integrate social media into all your other marketing channels to give insights about your service or product, incorporate the branding and above all make it engaging.  Everyone is so busy these days they will quickly “unlike” your page if you bombard them with information that is irrelevant and salesy.

No matter what strategies you use to develop your branding always be telling a story.  Social media is a great platform to use for this but it is also a two way street.   Don’t forget that your consumers and competitors are telling their story in real time and you need to be sure you are ready to respond!


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